Jao Jaucian

Jao has been with World Vision for 13 years now and he has always been on the frontline whenever an emergency response is launched.

When COVID-19 pandemic hit the country, he was supporting the organisation's cash-based programme for the Taal Volcano Eruption Response.

When he was called to lead the distribution activities (food packs, isolation tents, hygiene kits) for COVID-19 response, he said yes to the call, despite all the risks that go with the work.

On this purpose, he revealed during an interview:

Several thoughts swam in my head:
“What if the office announces another response?”
“How about my family, how do I keep them safe? Will I be able to go home? Will I be able to hold my family, see them?”
“What if I get sick?"
But among this sea of questions, one in particular lingered:

“Can I say no?”