Muhammad Javed

"When I go to work I wear my PPE, as my life depends on it. Sometimes I work eight hours at a time with no break to eat, drink or do anything else. But no matter where life leads me, I learn that whatever I’ll be, I must have courage"

"My grandparents migrated to Pakistan in 1947 and I grew up listening to the real life stories of migration from my grandmother and I thought that it was very terrifying and painful experience. So, I always had this drive and passion to facilitate and support the people who might have been through the same situation. I started working with SHARP-Pakistan and instantly, I found myself at right place where I was able to work closely with the refugees".

Mr. Muhammad is the director of SHARP-Pakistan. The director provides overall management and leadership to the organization in accordance with direct guidelines of senior management; he working closely with diverse teams, various stakeholders, including institutional partners and networks as well as engaging with the wider philanthropic sector and donor agencies. He also oversees finance, administration and infrastructure whilst promoting best practice, and ensures quality and excellence across all verticals. His role focuses on expanding the reach and impact of the capacity building work of the organization to achieve its vision of a strong and sustainable human rights friendly society. He has vast experience working closely with refugees, asylum seekers, IDPs, prisoners, women and children.

"Working with refugees is a life changing experience, as it gives me chance to witness and provide solutions of the real issues of humans who are forced to live against their will and outside of their native lands and homes. Personally, I do not even like the word “refugee” as I see them fellow humans who became the victims of wars and tragedies and it can happen to anyone in their lives due to ever-changing political and current security situation in the world. Everyone has their own unique experiences and journeys and I as a Pakistani feel proud that we have been generously hosting and extraordinarily facilitating them from last four decades".