Najeeba Wazefadost

Over the last 10 years Najeeba Wazefadost, a former Afghan refugee, has dedicated her life to serving and advocating for the needs and rights of refugees.

Najeeba has been the founding member of Asia Pacific Network of Refugees and Global Refugee Led Network to bolster refugees’ ability to make meaningful contributions to decision-making processes and engage in more self-representation. Najeeba's leadership during COVID-19 Pandemic has been extraordinary.

She launched the advocacy #Refugeesrise campaign as a way to combat the pandemic and as a result she was able to showcase on Refugees and refugee-led initiatives and organisations are responding to the crisis and supporting each other and their local communities as frontline responders, by providing:

  • medical care (Najeeba mobilised a pool of refugee doctors and refugee nurses to provide online live webinars to provide life saving information on COVID in Dari, Farsi, Arabic , Turkish and Assyrian to refugee communities across countries in Asia. She produced podcast to provided life saving information on C-19 infection control).
  • health information (She supported the refugee communities to use their skills and support in translating and sharing information about COVID-19)
  • material and financial support to vulnerable people ( She and her team in APNOR provided more than 200 food packages and health hygiene to refugees in Iran and IDPs in Afghanistan)
  • education support (we have teachers that are continuing to teach)
  • leadership and advocacy to ensure refugees are included in broader responses.