Rohingya Women; Victim Humanitarians
By Mayyu Ali
Some of them are widows
Some of them are rape survivors
Some of them lost children in the hands of Burmese military
After all, they are those who escaped a Genocide

They themselves are beneficiaries of aid
But they are also humanitarians
They themselves are refugees
But they are still victims

Victims of trafficking
Victims of kidnapping
Victims of gangs and militancy
And victims within themselves, patriarchal influence

In the world’s largest refugee camp
No two days look the same for them
Amid ongoing insecurity and threats
Surely, they are the most vulnerable

Yet braving tremendous risks
They raise their voice to be heard
They confide their suffering to be considered
They stand on ground rebuilding a million lives

In scorching heat, where no horizon
Highly crowded in squalid camps
They work hard, are real heroes
As ever, their identity is Rohingya and it is Woman

They have the same courage as other women in the world
They contribute to society and can lead community
They are both victims and saviours
They all deserve justice and peace