Temporary Learning Space Teacher
Location: Baw Du Pha Camp
Occupation: Volunteer Teacher
Daung Mya Yin once had a tailor shop in Sittwe, but since an earlier bout of violence erupted against the Rohingya in 2012, she has been living in a camp for internally displaced people, called Baw Du Pha (2). There, with training and support from Save the Children, including a small stipend, she became a teacher in a Temporary Learning Centre (TLC), funded by the Myanmar Humanitarian Fund managed by OCHA. She says she could possibly make more money in a different job, but that is not her motivation. Her passion to help others inspired her to make the transition into teaching.
"I like children. I like to see them learn,” she says. “It offers a better future.”
“If children don't get an education when they are young, it will be too late. Education helps people decide between right and wrong, and it builds understanding."