Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund
Location: Afghanistan
Occupation: Nurse-nutrition counselor
23-year-old Rahila works as a nurse-nutrition counselor with an NGO implementing nutrition activities in Bamyan Province supported by the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund. In her current role, Rahila travels to some of the most remote areas in the province and often has to walk for hours to reach her destination.   
“People in rural and remote areas are particularly vulnerable to malnutrition. Last winter, I traveled to a remote part of Shahidan village in Bamyan Province. I met a young mother with two malnourished children. We provided them with Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF) and medicine. When we visited the children 15 days later, they were already recovering. I really felt proud that I could help those children, otherwise they might have died due to the lack of health clinics in remote areas.”
Rahila explained.