Sifat Noor

During a humanitarian crisis, information and communication are just as critical as food, water, and shelter. But that information needs to be in the right language to be useful.

Sifat is a humanitarian hero because he translates critical, potentially life-saving information into Bengali, so more people have the information they need to lead safe, healthy, and informed lives.

About his work for Translators without Borders, Sifat said: “I start with reading the project files to assess the impact of my translated words on the intended audience and speak with them in my mind, which helps me become a humanitarian translator.”

Since starting with Translators without Borders in March 2020, Sifat has translated over 115,000 words into Bengali for organizations such as IFRC and UNHCR Bangladesh. Recently, his work translating COVID-19 information helps more people keep themselves and their families safe from the virus.

Sifat’s translation work is not the most visible part of humanitarian work, but it is a critical part of making sure people can communicate their needs. “I’ve learned that the word “donation” can be non-materialistic, all we need is a heart to help — this is the best “skill” I will possess, forever,” said Sifat.